Introduced in 2006, the CSCP material examines the supply chain, end-to-end. Approved candidates (those already holding the CPIM designation being the ideal entry route) explore the various issues associated with modern supply chains.

Hilf Supply Chain Solutions is offering this half day briefing session at your UK facility to overview CSCP for your team. The introductory session, which would be delivered by a CSCP certified instructor, would prove an ideal ‘kick off’ for those members of your team considering embarking upon a self-study approach. Contact Us to arrange a session. Full in-house delivery to your team is also available (see below).

“The APICS CSCP brings your company’s entire value chain into perspective. By giving you a truly end-to-end view of the supply chain, you become the expert, not just within your organization’s walls - you become the global expert. From manufacturing to service, in business and consumer markets, the increasingly important role of effective supply chain management affects all organizations. Customer expectations are high - with the APICS CSCP, you can ensure that your company not only meets, but exceeds them.” (source: APICS)

Until the end of 2011, the four modules covered by the CSCP certification were as follows ……

Domain 1 :- Supply Chain Management Fundamentals
Domain 2 :- Building Competitive Operations, Planning, and Logistics
Domain 3 :- Managing Customer and Supplier Relationships
Domain 4 :- Using Information Technology to Enable Supply Chain Management

However for 2012 the course was re-structured as follows :-

Module 1 :- Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management

Module 2 :- Supply Chain Strategy, Design, and Compliance

Module 3 :- Implementation and Operations

Version 4.0 of CSCP outlined below, was discontinued from the end of 2021. [ 30-March-2022 was announced as the last day to take the CSCP v4.0 ]

Content Area Main Topic (CSCP Version 4.0) Exam Percentage

Supply Chain Design


Supply Chain Planning & Execution


Supply Chain Improvement and Best Practices


For 2022, version 5.0 saw the materials re-structured into 8 sections as shown below. [ From 31-March-2022 onwards, only the CSCP v5.0 exam was offered ]

Content Area Main Topic (CSCP Version 5.0) Exam Percentage

Forecast and Manage Demand


Manage the Global Supply Chain Network and Information


Source Products and Services


Manage Internal Operations and Inventory


Manage Supply Chain Logistics


Manage Customer and Supplier Relationships


Manage Supply Chain Risk


Evaluate and Optimize the Supply Chain


The subject matter has been designed for professionals interested in increasing their existing knowledge of supply chain management, and those currently working in other SCM related fields, such as professional consultants or those teaching supply chain functions. Module four in particular has encouraged a high number of individuals involved in Enterprise Resource Planning applications from across the world to explore CSCP further. The official APICS / Holmes Corporation International CSCP brochure can be emailed as a pdf on request.

“The APICS CPIM certification provides a common platform for individuals to evaluate their knowledge of production and inventory management. APICS CPIM focuses primarily on manufacturing and provides an in-depth view of materials management, master scheduling, production planning, forecasting, and quality improvement within the confines of the operation. The APICS CSCP certification takes a broader view, extending the APICS CPIM knowledge outside of a company’s internal operations to encompass all of the steps throughout the supply chain - from suppliers through the company to the end consumer - and how to effectively manage the integration of these activities to maximize a company’s value chain.” (source: APICS)

In house delivery

The recommended facilitation period is 39 hours - either as 13 off 3 hour sessions, or as five full days (preceded by an introduction). It is emphasised that even with the tutor led sessions, a large amount of home study is necessary by the candidates. Note the examination entry fee and the documentation are both expensive, we will guide our clients through the various options available. Note, these classes are predominantly aimed at our existing clients who we have led through the CPIM programme.

Open / Public Courses


Please contact us on [email protected] for more information & pricing or for a registration form.

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