APICS CPIM - BSCM (retired)

Note this course is now retired, it has been replaced by CPIM part 1.

This is an introductory course for production and inventory management personnel and CPIM candidates. This course provides basic definitions and concepts for planning and controlling the flow of materials into, through, and out of an organization. It explains fundamental relationships among the activities that occur in the supply chain from suppliers to customers. In addition, the course addresses types of manufacturing systems, forecasting, master planning, material requirements planning, capacity management, production activity control, purchasing, inventory management, distribution, quality management, and Just-in-Time manufacturing.

Candidates explore the basic concepts in managing the complete flow of materials in a supply chain. In the Basics you get a complete overview of material flow, from internal and external suppliers, to and from your organization. Topics include:

  • Business wide Concepts: Organization Fundamentals; Operating Environments; Financial Fundamentals; Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP II); Just-in-Time (JIT); Total Quality Management (TQM); Quality Tools; Impact of Environment on System Design and Deployment.
  • Demand Planning: Marketplace-Driven; Customer Expectations and Definition of Value; Customer Relationship; Demand Management.
  • Transformation of Demand into Supply: Design; Capacity Management; Planning – Purposes, Inputs and Outputs; Execution and Control.
  • Supply; Inventory; Purchasing; Physical Distribution System.

The Basics module serves two purposes:

  • It provides a solid overview of the supply chain
  • It introduces the other CPIM modules.
Session CPIM Module 1 0f 5 - "Basics of Supply Chain Management"
1 Introduction to Materials Management
2 Demand Management & Forecasting
3 Master Planning ( S&OP, MPS etc )
4 Materials Requirements Planning ( MRP )
5 Capacity Management and Production Activity Control
6 Aggregate Inventory Management (Inventory Fundamentals)
7 Item Inventory Management (eg Re-Order Points, EOQ, ABC classification)
8 Purchasing & Physical Distribution (Transportation & Warehousing)
9 Lean / JIT and Quality (Management) Systems
10 Theory of Constraints (inc. Drum-Buffer-Rope) inc viewing of “The Goal” 45 min video

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