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Courses centre upon the inter-relationships between upstream and downstream activities within the Supply Chain. Traditional Purchasing & Customer Satisfaction courses are thorough within the boundaries of the function. However process orientation and changes in hierarchy towards customer focus have resulted in 'gaps' in traditional courses offered to today's changing organisations - particularly SMEs where roles and responsibilities continue to expand.

The understanding of MRP mechanics is another huge area, vital to the majority of organisations, where formal tuition has been uncommon since the eighties when MRP Classification from Oliver Wight type companies was particularly in vogue. The widespread industrial take-up of ERP systems has resulted in a necessity to ensure such knowledge is ingrained in buyers and planners alike due to the fact that such systems use traditional MRP logic. Ensuring understanding of such techniques (in addition to the IT user training necessary) increases the likelihood of a trouble free implementation massively.

Want to equip your support team admin staff with an overview of modern management thinking - without having to release them up regularly to attend numerous courses and seminars? The Business Fundamentals courses will likely be exactly what you're looking for. Created for Management Trainees and Modern Apprentices, this half-day course provides sufficient knowledge in a wide range of topic areas aimed at the non-specialist. In simple language it removes the jargon factor to arm attendees with a working knowledge of current thinking and buzz words, allowing this understanding to contribute a confidence back in the workplace in dealings with colleagues, suppliers and customers.

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